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      Spring Festival couplets, originated in taofu. "Taofu", Zhou Dai hung on the door on both sides of the rectangular wood board. According to etiquette, "Han Zhi", only six inches long, three inches wide, peach wood says "Tu", "Yu Lei" two god. "On January 1, made the name Taofu, Xian wood, HYAKKI fear." So, at the age of "Qing Dynasty" Yanjing said: "the Spring Festival couplets, also namely taofu."

      The five generation, in the palace, some people write the language in the Spring Festival couplets. According to the "history of the Song Dynasty, Shu family" said: after the Shu Meng Changling chapter title of peach Wood Johnson in, "with its work, pen questions cloud:" new year - Na Yuqing, Scarlett, Changchun Festival ", this is the first spring couplets in china. Until the Song Dynasty, which is still called "taofu". Wang Anshi's poem had "numerous households blocks of days, the total of the new replace the old character of the sentence. The Song Dynasty, Taofu by peach wood instead of paper, called "spring stickers".

      The Ming Dynasty, it was renamed the "Spring Festival couplets Spring Festival couplets". The Ming Dynasty Chen Yunzhan "miscellaneous" hairpin cloud floor contains: "the Spring Festival couplets, since the beginning of Ming dynasty. Jinling Park, on New Year's Eve edicts have come suddenly: Gongqing Shishu door to an emperor incognito at the Spring Festival couplets." Zhu Yuanzhang not only personally to watch out, smiled, he also personally question couplets. He has a family, never see the door couplets, then to ask questions, know that this is a hog, and have not asked people to write. Zhu Yuanzhang is specially for the hog who wrote the "road of life and death split hands, a knife cut off the non root" of the new year. Combined and humorous. Ming Taizu advocated by the then new year would be demeaning to become a custom that has spread so far.


      Chinese festivals are rich and colorful, there are Qingming Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and so on. In this, I like the Spring Festival most, do you know the origin of the Spring Festival?

      Let me tell you about the origin of the Spring Festival.

      Long long ago, there is an animal called the "year", every the 30th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, it will come out of the deadly, terrible. One year, a white - haired grandfather came to the village, and he said, "I can drive away that holy thing." But the villagers did not believe what he said. On this day, as usual, the villagers ran into the mountains to hide the "year" beasts, and the old man insisted on staying. The old man put firecrackers in the backyard in the night, "year" beast to the general turmoil was terrible! When the grandfather of the house all the candles lit, "year" was stopped, and then, grandpa took out firecrackers "Pa, PA, Pa", "year" fright, Grandpa laughed in red, "" that is a fire in the laugh, scared Tirzah legs ran, the old grandpa is a fairy, he left the magic three "years" to the villagers. From then on, we will put up red couplets, firecrackers and dumplings every time in the new year.

      If you ask me why I like the Spring Festival, I will tell you, because the Spring Festival is very busy, there are a lot of lanterns, it is good for the new year.

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