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    家庭、朋友与周围的人Family, Friends and the People around You

    假设你们班级即将召开以“感恩”为主题的班会日记神笔马良的读后感,要求向大家介绍一下你最想向谁表达感恩之情,他或她为你做了什么,你又将怎样回报他或她的付出。请结合上文内容神笔马良的读后感,以“Thank you, my…”为题写一篇发言稿。





    Thank You, My Mother

    Wherever we are today, whatever we are, we owe it to our parents who have given and taught us so much, so we should thank them, especially, thank our mother. I think my mother is one of the best mothers in the world.

    She is the busiest one in my family. She does chores for the family and cares about my study. She has taught me a lot. She does lots of things for me. But she never wants anythings in return.

    How will I show my thanks to my mother? First, this year, I am going to give her a surprise birthday party and buy her a special present. Second, I’ll do well in school. Third, I’ll help her do housework when I’m free. I want to make her happy. In a word, I love my mother.

    the 国富论读后感 五年级读后感 he 神笔马良的读后感

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