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  • 初中英语作文:为妈妈做顿饭


    Todayis Women's Day. I think it would be one of the most beautiful memories in mymother's life.


    Afterschool, I head to the supermarket which is not far from my home. Yes, you areright! I intend to cook a simple meal for my mother. It takes me an hour and ahalf to cook two dishes and a soup. It is not until my mom comes back that Ifinish my cooking. There is a sweet smile on her face. At that moment, there’snothing could be better than her smile. Everything I do is worthy. With an airof warmth, I say, ''Mom, Happy Women's Day.'' Thenshe smiles.

    放学后,我去了离家不远的超市。是啊,你猜对了。我想为妈妈做一顿简单的饭菜。我花了一个半小时,煮了两菜一汤。我妈妈回来前散文,我就煮好了。她脸上露出了甜美的微笑。在那一刻神笔马良读后感,没有什么能比她的`微笑更美好的了。我所做的一切都是值得的。在温暖的气氛中,我说神笔马良读后感,' '妈妈神笔马良读后感,妇女节快乐。”然后她微笑了。

    Howwonderful today is! I sincerely hope that my mother is happy every day.


    神笔马良读后感 福尔摩斯读后感 写一篇读后感 is 秘密花园读后感
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